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Going Mobile in Academia – From Roy Tennant in LJ

by Roy Tennant, August 31st, 2010 here: http://blog.libraryjournal.com/tennantdigitallibraries/2010/08/31/going-mobile-in-academia/

iPhoneThe California Digital Library has been studying the use of mobile devices among the University of California faculty and students, and this month they released a report on that work.

A few of their findings:

  • Slightly more academic survey respondents own mobile phones without internet (61%) than mobile devices that with internet (53%). Faculty were the most likely respondents (63%) to own a mobile device with internet, followed by graduate students (53%) and then undergraduates (41%).
  • Of academic survey respondents who own mobile devices with internet, the majority own iPhone (53%) or iPod Touch (20%) devices. The next highest device was Blackberry (10%), and then Droid (9%).
  • Some of the most common uses of mobile devices with internet include finding information and accessing email. They are used less for academic purposes, such as accessing campus or library websites or completing coursework.
  • Few survey respondents are using eBook devices and tablets for academic reading. Read the rest of this entry »

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