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Minutes of NEEHSL Gathering at MLA 2010

Meeting at MLA Conference May 24, 2010

Thanks to Deb Rand for these notes!


  • Jennifer Boxen, Florida Atlantic University
  • Diana McDuffee, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Jane Bridges, Savannah Campus, Mercer University School of Medicine
  • Nancy Bulgarelli, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
  • Nadine Dexter, University of Central Florida Medical School
  • Scott Garrison, Western Michigan University
  • Joanne Muellenbach, Commonwealth Medical College
  • Debbie Rand, Hofstra University School of Medicine in partnership with North Shore-LIJ Health
  • Rajia Tobia, University of Texas HSC at San Antonio

We all spoke briefly about the status of the libraries at our institutions. Each situation is different in regard to governance structure and affiliation relationships so it is not simple to extract trends.  The main topics were:

  • Relationship of the new medical school library with the main university or the main medical school library in the case of new branches under development
  • Relationship of the new medical school library with affiliate hospitals or clinical sites
  • Budgeting and licensing of e-resources given the tangled relationships noted above
  • Up and downs of working with Dean and Senior Administration
  • Continued interest in library space and resources by the LCME
  • How can AAHSL continue to help our group of new libraries

Nadine Dexter suggested that we develop a conference for NEEHSL that she would host at the University of Central Florida Medical School. She will explore grant funding for a potential multi-day conference to take place in the winter of the 2010-2011 academic year.


Joanne Muellenbach, Jacque Doyle, Barbara Shearer, and Virginia Tanji presented a poster about planning for their new libraries. Poster is found on the blog: https://newemergingmedicallibraries.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/mla-neehsl-slides-1-of-at-least-three/ and https://newemergingmedicallibraries.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/mla-2010-neehsls-poster-2-of-3-or-more/

Nadine Dexter made a presentation about NEEHSL at the Southern Chapter MLA meeting.


  • Diana McDuffee – Univ North Carolina is creating a new regional campus at Asheville.  The location is currently an AHEC Library.  There will be about 40 students.  They have requested a 20% increase in their collection budget to cover licenses for the new school.
  • Jennifer Boxen – Their Dean wants to partner with other schools in Florida, particularly Miami.  Something mentioned about their web site.
  • Rajia Tobia – They are turning the regional campus into a full medical school and are dealing with the main campus – medical campus dilemma.  There are accreditation issues with preceptors.
  • Scott Garrison – Western Michigan University.  LCME accreditation process has just started with the plan of beginning the first class in 2013.  They already have a College of Nursing and the library has many core scientific journals.
  • Nadine Dexter – University of Central Florida will be moving to their new library the first week in June at Lake Nona.  There will be a VA and Children’s Hospital on that campus but licensing of resources is separate for the hospitals.
  • Jane Bridges – The Savannah campus of Mercer University has about 30 students. The hospital was converted into a medical school.  There are two revenue streams, from the hospital and the medical school in Macon.
  • Joanne Muellenbach – Commonwealth Medical College is an independent school which opened in 2009 with 65 medical students.  Located in an interim building now, the new library will open in 2011.  Joanne has been asked to form a regional shared library network with the hospitals affiliated with the medical school.  An exploratory meeting is scheduled for June.  Currently there are two librarians on staff.  They are tracking what each staff person is doing to determine future staffing levels.
  • Debbie Rand – Hofstra University School of Medicine – LCME site visit in March went very well.  Preliminary accreditation is expected in June with the first class of 40 students planned for 2011.  The critical issue is determining how to expand e-resource licenses from the Health System to the medical school with some merging of e-resources from the main university library.

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