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Librarians at Johns Hopkins Unversity in Baltimore, MD are turning their focus to digital delivery of library materials, noting that they will be able to spend more on online materials by closing the doors on the physical facility.  As of January 1, 2010, they will be completely online.  Read more in the  The Digital Shift or Out of the Jungle: Johns Hopkins To Close Its Medical Library.


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Planning Your Library Makeover: Small Budget, Big Impact Ideas

Julia Crawford, LEED AP, Library Designer

In recent years most libraries throughout the country have shared a common experience: their popularity has increased while their operating and capital improvement budgets have decreased. Libraries today provide essential services such as access to the Internet, media, computers, classes and information not available anywhere else – at least not without paying a fee or buying a cup of coffee. Children, teenagers and adults rely on libraries more than ever before for their learning, research, crafting and gaming needs. With their increasing popularity, many libraries could benefit from an appearance overhaul to meet the changing needs and expectations of their visitors. What are some big impact ideas that can be accomplished on small budgets during challenging times?

Many older libraries feel and look their age and even younger libraries appear older than they are due to the high rise in usage and lack of maintenance resources. Libraries often suffer from peeling wall paint, stained flooring, missing ceiling tiles, old mismatched chairs and oversized study tables that dominate the floor space. Revitalizing the largest surfaces in a space, such as the floors and ceilings, typically results in the greatest visual impact. Consider replacing the old carpet and installing new ceiling tiles in the existing ceiling grid. If replacing the floors and ceilings is not within your budget, repainting the walls a crisp clean neutral color to get rid of the outdated color may be a more feasible undertaking. Display artwork by local artists, add plantings, and revive old but sturdy wooden chairs with a fresh new stain color. Save money (and the environment) by buying used instead of new. Major bookstores that go out of business offer steep discounts on their stylish tables, chairs, display units and even light fixtures that could be used in the transformation of a library space. Read the rest of this entry »

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