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a collaboration to create the 21st century academic health sciences library…

Symposium Poster will be at Exhibit #752 at AAMC! Please visit us!

AAHSL_poster_for_printing_AAMC revised


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Draft Agendas for Meetings in SF

AAMC 2012
AAHSL New Academic Health Sciences Libraries Task Force Meetings

Interested AAHSL attendees are welcome

Initial   Meeting

Sunday,   November 4, 9:30 am – 11:00 or 11:30 am

Marriott Marquis – Sierra J

Jacque Doyle, UAZ Phx

Second  Meeting

Monday,   November 5,  10-11:30am


Joanne Muellenbach, TCMC


Tentative Agenda(s)

Working agenda: (may brainstorm at Sunday meeting and finalize or continue on Monday!)

  1. Review of Symposium documents as posted to the new LibGuide, especially:
    1. Attendees take-aways (What they wanted from the Symposium)
    2. Potential Activities for AAHSL
    3. Actual Take-Aways after meeting
  2. Identify and prioritize our goals
  3. Next Steps/how to accomplish the identified goals
  4. Anticipated budget needs for activities
  5. TF meeting and conference call plans

General interest discussions—

  1. Welcome all attendees
  2. Reminder to view poster!
  3. Fast intros all around
    1. Your name and title
    2. School and Library Name
    3. LCME status
    4. Did you attend the June symposium?  Reflections/Comments?
    5. Status of your college library at the moment
    6. Topics for Possible Discussion
      1. Budget
      2. Collections
      3. Information Literacy / Biomedical Informatics
      4. Personnel

i)             Space; etc.

2)                 Future plans?

i)       Attending MLA in Boston? Want to meet there?

ii)     Best way to communicate?

iii)   How active does each member want to be?  i.e., your commitment level and needs from the group??

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DAHSL to meet in SF at AAMC 2012

Draft of our poster is here.

Meeting is Sunday, November 4, 10:30 am – Noon, Marriott Marquis Sierra J.

Please send agenda items-will create draft agenda soon!

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DAHSL to meet at MLA Seattle

The Developing Academic Medical Libraries will meet Monday, May 21, in Room 214, 7:00 – 9:00 am,  in the Washington Convention Center.  Please send agenda items to JDDoyle@u.arizona.edu

Attendees interested in, or already embarking on the development of a new library in a new school are invited to attend!

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AAHSL/AAMC afforded NLG time to gather and learn

Several group members* met to learn from colleagues during this really wonderful conference in Denver!  The Saturday workshop (What’s Happening Really: Digital Research Support, and other Hot Topics) was excellent, and I  look forward to reading the handouts and PPTs once they are posted to the AAHSL website.  Other highlights for me included:

  • AAHSL Teaching and Learning Committee
  • The reception at the  University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Health Science Library
  • Advancing the Digital Research Enterprise
  • Academic Medicine Question of the Year
  • AAMC Leadership Plenary
  • The Chicago Collaborative/Scholarly Communications briefing
  • The AAMC Town Hall
  • Developing an Informatics Program to Meet Market Need
  • Two Demos of INKLING
  • The AAHSL/GIR Reception and Awards Ceremony
  • GEA/GSA Small Group Discussion: The iPad Initiative: Lessons Learned from Introducing Digital Tablet-Based Learning to the MD Curriculum (at Stanford)
  • What We’ve Learned (so far) from the New and Developing Schools Consortium
  • The bi-annual gathering of this group, including an update from Pat Thibodeau, AAHSL President and Board Liaison to the new New Academic Health Sciences Task Force.  As a result of this meeting two groups are in place; this group has evolved into DAHSL (pronounced “dazzle”). The current list of DAHSL members is here. Also created was an official AAHSL Task Force to support New Academic Health Science Libraries (the NAHSLTF).  Members of this group are Pat Thibodeau, Board Liaison, Jacque Doyle, Nadine Dexter, Deborah Rand, David Boilard, and Barbara Shearer.
More info and photos to follow.  It was a fascinating and exhausting week, and Denver was lovely!
*Janice Swiatek-Kelley, Barbara Miller, Debra Rand, Dave Boilard, Nadine Dexter, Joanne Muellenbach, Nancy Bulgarelli, Nancy Calabretta, and me.  Barbara Shearer participated via phone.

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New preliminarily accredited COM added to New Libraries Group Listserv

Congratulations to Barbara Miller and her colleagues at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University!

Updated New & Emerging Libraries Group Membership

dboilard@FIU.EDU                     David W. Boilard
jbothmer@CREIGHTON.EDU               Jim Bothmer
BridgJa1@MEMORIALHEALTH.COM          Jane Bridges
marie.bronoel@UCR.EDU                Marie Bronoel
bulgarel@OAKLAND.EDU                 Nancy Bulgarelli
daniel.burgard@UNTHSC.EDU            Daniel E. Burgard
cogdillk@UTHSCSA.EDU                 Keith Cogdill
Donna.Davis@WOLTERSKLUWER.COM        Donna Davis
Nadine.Dexter@UCF.EDU                Nadine Dexter
jacquedd@GMAIL.COM                   Jacque Doyle
jddoyle@EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU            Jacqueline Doyle
jugaines@MCG.EDU                     Julie Gaines
scott.garrison@WMICH.EDU             Scott Garrison
charles.greenberg@YALE.EDU           Charles Greenberg
lamon@EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU              Lindsey Greene
carol_jenkins@UNC.EDU                Carol Jenkins
Janice.Swiatek-Kelley@QUINNIPIAC.EDU Janice Swiatek Kelley
pking@SCRIPPS.EDU                    Paula King
laico_library@ARAVIND.ORG            Kirubanithi, P
mkronenfeld@ATSU.EDU                 Michael Kronenfeld

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New Library Group (NLG) Meeting at MLA Details Announced

We now have a meeting room, (Hilton Minneapolis, Marquette I  on Monday, May 16 at 7:00am) for our NLG meeting.

We can thank Donna Davis for making these arrangements for us.  And for providing breakfast!  I am attaching an agenda* for our meeting. Please feel free to make changes or add an item. Bear in mind we will only have this space for two hours and I have asked Donna to keep her activities to the 7-8am time frame.  I would like for us to have the remaining time to discuss our issues, concerns and if possible engage in a sharing session about what is happening at our various institutions.

Finally, please think about the possibility of having an annual workshop/meeting for just NLG with maybe some sort of planning award. I am thinking a two day meeting in a central location (like Orlando) with guest speakers and topics that we choose.

Thanks and happy travels,  Nadine ( nadine.dexter@ucf.edu)


Note from Donna for those of us NOT in Minneapolis:

Yes, I have provided my conference call service center number and code for your use.  Please feel free to share.  We should get started right at 7:05 est.  Thanks for your support in our objective to meet with your group, understand the needs and be better suited to provide you with appropriate solution.

Reservationless-Plus Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (800) 947-5134

Conference Code: 221012

Sincerely,  Donna

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New Libraries Group to meet in Minneapolis, twice

Kudos to Nadine Dexter, UCF, for creating an opportunity for us to meet at MLA!

As you should have heard by now, there will be an informal gathering on Monday, the 16th, from 7am-9am.  Nadine is working with Donna Davis, an LWW rep who wants to understand our needs, especially vis a vis electronic resources.  More details to follow.  Please send your RSVP to Nadine at nadine dot dexter @ ucf dot edu, if you have not done so.  She is also collecting your agenda items for a “business” meeting following Donna’s mini focus group.   We will also want to collect input from those of us who are not at the conference to give her a complete picture.  I will be very grateful if one of you present will write up what occurs at the session and it will be posted to the blog under your byline!

Several of us are also working on an AAHSL work group to examine and make recommendations about the library portions of the ever-evolving LCME Standards for Accreditation. If you have thoughts to submit, please send them to  me at jddoyle @ email dot arizona dot edu.  A draft agenda is here.

Sadly, for me, I am attending this year’s MLA  virtually, so I will not be there in person, but I will do my best to “attend” as much as my e-registration permits!  And I will miss seeing your smiling faces and joining you for breakfast!!

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New Health Sciences Libraries (NHSLG) at AAMC in DC – Finally, meeting notes!

Sunday, November 7, 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Marriott, Room 8209

Complete minutes are found HERE:  NewLibGroup_Minutes_AAHSL_2010rev2.

Attendees: Read the rest of this entry »

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Final agenda for AAMC and a request for volunteers!!

Colleagues:  here is the agenda as of today! Please note agenda items #s A-F, under  #2.  In order to share results with everyone, even those who did not submit their data, we request 56 volunteers for each of A-F below to study the survey data, and analyze and summarize it for the group that evening. So, we ask those of you who have rec’d the data from Barbara to volunteer to take the section of your choice! Please email me of your preference: jddoyle@email.arizona.edu and thanks! Once we have our volunteers, we will provide a template or outline for your short presentation! AAHSL will provide us with a flip chart and easel so we can document our discussions and I will bring a laptop for that purpose.

Don’t forget to either bring a meal or snack, as sadly we have no way to provide that for us…see agenda item 4B  below!

We look forward to seeing you and spending productive time together!

Jacque and Barbara


New, Emerging & Evolving Health Sciences Libraries (NEEHSL) at AAMC in DC
November 5-8, 2010
Our Gathering is Sunday, November 7, 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Marriott, Room 8209


  1. Welcome and Introductions-please indicate if you are starting a new library or planning a renovation!
  2. Quick sampling of survey results, trends [Designated Attendees each take one question and report out]:
    1. Who/what schools are we serving? (DR)
    2. To whom do we report?
    3. Size of Library Faculty
    4. # of library user seats
    5. Challenges
    6. Accomplishments
  3. Informal/ around-the-table discussion
    1. Your name, institution/organization/library name, and goal (new library, renovation, or ?) and opening date
    2. Has discussion in item #2 addressed your situation?
    3. Greatest successes/satisfactions
  4. Thinking ahead/goals for the future
    1. Discuss/identify how this group could help
    2. Discuss/identify how AAHSL could help (i.e. formalizing our status within AAHSL)
  5. Select top 3-4 issues that this group could focus on, and what our time-lines and outcomes could be; identify participants
  6. Is group interested in desk-based meeting systems, e.g., Web-Ex or ??
  7. Next steps, future activities, events and projects

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