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Tentative plan for the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Plan viewed from SE

Plan viewed from SW

The Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) in red as currently envisioned, will run east and west just north of the historic buildings (in gray). The new library will have 17,000 SF if the HSEB, and I am assured, will have a very central location there! The HSEB will house facilities to be used by the U of A, ASU and NAU.

Those who attended the Phoenix MLA may recall the Arizona Center buildings that are around the very tall towers to the west of the biomedical campus. We are about a mile north and east of the convention center.


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Interesting new architecture…

This is a tentative plan for the new College of Medicine at the University of Central Florida. Looks interesting, does it not? The library is slated to have about 12,000 sf on the second level. All those curved walls! I am intrigued as I always dreamed of being an architect and planning circular homes! WIll share mine as we get closer!

Anyone else have drawings to share, conceptual or real?  Please post here or submit to jddoyle@email.arizona.edu!

For more info: http://www.med.ucf.edu/admissions/facilities/library.asp

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