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a collaboration to create the 21st century academic health sciences library…

About this blog

Several US health sciences librarians began this blog  (Developing Health Sciences Libraries  (DAHSL) as a sort of “support group” for those of us who have the awesome task of creating a new form of library. We intend to include and address issues and challenges around creating new libraries that anticipate and meet the needs of new health sciences schools and regional campuses of existing schools. We began in the summer of 2008 following the meeting of the Medical Library Association in Chicago. We continue to meet in person at meetings of the MLA and AAHSL. Our tag line is “a collaborative blog to create the 21st century health sciences library…”

Key collaborator organizations in this blog and effort are listed in the links section of the page. I mounted the blog after several email and phone conversations with colleagues in the situation I am in. I am Jacque Doyle, at the Arizona Health Sciences Library, University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix. We are a branch of the AHSL in Tucson, and a collaboration partner with Northern Arizona University Libraries. Read about us at: http://medicine.arizona.edu/phoenix.

Please call me at 602-827-2031 or email me at JDDoyle@email.arizona.edu if you have questions or suggestions! I look forward to our future collaborations.

On October 4,  2011, we met with Pat Thibodeau, AAHSL President to discuss our future directions and needs.  Notes from this conversation are here.

As a result, during the annual AAMC meeting  in November, 2011, the AAHSL board of directors approved the creation of a task force of the the AAHSL, called the New Academic Health Science Libraries, or NAHSL.  Its draft  charge is below:

New Academic Health Sciences Libraries Task Force     DRAFT  DRAFT DRAFT

The AAHSL Board is interested in exploring ways to support new medical school/academic health sciences libraries as they begin to develop and go through the process of becoming fully accredited.  While AAHSL has supported the creation of a discussion list and provided meeting space, the question was raised whether there are other ways that AAHSL could be of value or assist new or emerging libraries.

The Board recommended bringing together members associated with new libraries to discuss the questions below and develop a proposal with recommendations for the AAHSL Board of Directors:

    • Would it be useful to have a phased in dues structure until a library reaches the associate or full member status?  Phasing in dues according to the LCME accreditation steps?
    • Would meeting at MLA be better than at the AAMC meeting? 
    • What value could AAHSL membership bring to new or emerging academic health sciences libraries? 
    • How can we begin to engage librarians in the early stages of the medical school development?  Should AAHSL be tracking provisional members and contacting them in the early stages.
    • Are there are initiatives or actions that AAHSL could pursue to assist new libraries?

The initial TF members are: Pat Thibodeau, Board Liaison, Jacque Doyle, Nadine Dexter, Deborah Rand, David Boilard, and Barbara Shearer.


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