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Draft Agendas for Meetings in SF

AAMC 2012
AAHSL New Academic Health Sciences Libraries Task Force Meetings

Interested AAHSL attendees are welcome

Initial   Meeting

Sunday,   November 4, 9:30 am – 11:00 or 11:30 am

Marriott Marquis – Sierra J

Jacque Doyle, UAZ Phx

Second  Meeting

Monday,   November 5,  10-11:30am


Joanne Muellenbach, TCMC


Tentative Agenda(s)

Working agenda: (may brainstorm at Sunday meeting and finalize or continue on Monday!)

  1. Review of Symposium documents as posted to the new LibGuide, especially:
    1. Attendees take-aways (What they wanted from the Symposium)
    2. Potential Activities for AAHSL
    3. Actual Take-Aways after meeting
  2. Identify and prioritize our goals
  3. Next Steps/how to accomplish the identified goals
  4. Anticipated budget needs for activities
  5. TF meeting and conference call plans

General interest discussions—

  1. Welcome all attendees
  2. Reminder to view poster!
  3. Fast intros all around
    1. Your name and title
    2. School and Library Name
    3. LCME status
    4. Did you attend the June symposium?  Reflections/Comments?
    5. Status of your college library at the moment
    6. Topics for Possible Discussion
      1. Budget
      2. Collections
      3. Information Literacy / Biomedical Informatics
      4. Personnel

i)             Space; etc.

2)                 Future plans?

i)       Attending MLA in Boston? Want to meet there?

ii)     Best way to communicate?

iii)   How active does each member want to be?  i.e., your commitment level and needs from the group??


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