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New Library Group (NLG) Meeting at MLA Details Announced

We now have a meeting room, (Hilton Minneapolis, Marquette I  on Monday, May 16 at 7:00am) for our NLG meeting.

We can thank Donna Davis for making these arrangements for us.  And for providing breakfast!  I am attaching an agenda* for our meeting. Please feel free to make changes or add an item. Bear in mind we will only have this space for two hours and I have asked Donna to keep her activities to the 7-8am time frame.  I would like for us to have the remaining time to discuss our issues, concerns and if possible engage in a sharing session about what is happening at our various institutions.

Finally, please think about the possibility of having an annual workshop/meeting for just NLG with maybe some sort of planning award. I am thinking a two day meeting in a central location (like Orlando) with guest speakers and topics that we choose.

Thanks and happy travels,  Nadine ( nadine.dexter@ucf.edu)


Note from Donna for those of us NOT in Minneapolis:

Yes, I have provided my conference call service center number and code for your use.  Please feel free to share.  We should get started right at 7:05 est.  Thanks for your support in our objective to meet with your group, understand the needs and be better suited to provide you with appropriate solution.

Reservationless-Plus Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (800) 947-5134

Conference Code: 221012

Sincerely,  Donna


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One Response

  1. Editor says:

    I am hopeful that if we plan a multi-day conference, we will also have a way for non-in-person attendees to participate!!!

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