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Final agenda for AAMC and a request for volunteers!!

Colleagues:  here is the agenda as of today! Please note agenda items #s A-F, under  #2.  In order to share results with everyone, even those who did not submit their data, we request 56 volunteers for each of A-F below to study the survey data, and analyze and summarize it for the group that evening. So, we ask those of you who have rec’d the data from Barbara to volunteer to take the section of your choice! Please email me of your preference: jddoyle@email.arizona.edu and thanks! Once we have our volunteers, we will provide a template or outline for your short presentation! AAHSL will provide us with a flip chart and easel so we can document our discussions and I will bring a laptop for that purpose.

Don’t forget to either bring a meal or snack, as sadly we have no way to provide that for us…see agenda item 4B  below!

We look forward to seeing you and spending productive time together!

Jacque and Barbara


New, Emerging & Evolving Health Sciences Libraries (NEEHSL) at AAMC in DC
November 5-8, 2010
Our Gathering is Sunday, November 7, 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Marriott, Room 8209


  1. Welcome and Introductions-please indicate if you are starting a new library or planning a renovation!
  2. Quick sampling of survey results, trends [Designated Attendees each take one question and report out]:
    1. Who/what schools are we serving? (DR)
    2. To whom do we report?
    3. Size of Library Faculty
    4. # of library user seats
    5. Challenges
    6. Accomplishments
  3. Informal/ around-the-table discussion
    1. Your name, institution/organization/library name, and goal (new library, renovation, or ?) and opening date
    2. Has discussion in item #2 addressed your situation?
    3. Greatest successes/satisfactions
  4. Thinking ahead/goals for the future
    1. Discuss/identify how this group could help
    2. Discuss/identify how AAHSL could help (i.e. formalizing our status within AAHSL)
  5. Select top 3-4 issues that this group could focus on, and what our time-lines and outcomes could be; identify participants
  6. Is group interested in desk-based meeting systems, e.g., Web-Ex or ??
  7. Next steps, future activities, events and projects

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