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Motivating Factors, Major Challenges, Planning Strategies for new med schools–from the Macy Foundations

Thanks to Barbara Shearer for the heads up!  Read entire study here.

The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, in keeping with its mission to enhance education in the health professions, commissioned a study to address three important questions related to the establishment of the new medical schools under development in the United States:

What factors motivated the institutions to decide to explore establishing a new medical school?
What major challenges did they confront during the process?
How did they respond to those challenges?

One small mention  of libraries….

Meeting Space Needs (p. 62)

To receive preliminary accreditation from the LCME, an institution wishing to establish a new medical school must be able to demonstrate that it is able to meet the new school’s administrative and instructional space needs. With few exceptions, the institutions involved in starting a new medical school found themselves faced with the challenge of how to meet those needs. The space required will depend on the nature of the education program. The size of the facility will be affected by the number of lecture halls and small conference rooms required to support faculty-student interactions, the kind of library/learning resource center to be provided, and the amount of space to be devoted to student lounges, recreational activities, and independent study. Equally important is whether the program will require a traditional gross anatomy laboratory with space for cadaver storage, a simulation laboratory for demonstration of physiologic phenomena using computerized mannequins, and offices and support space for standardized patient encounters. In each case, the space required for these specialized educational activities will depend on the number of students that need to be accommodated during each instructional period.


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