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A Well Designed Meal Results In An Excellent (learning) Experience

After a seven-course tasting meal, StevenB, the  author of Designing Better Libraries posted:

It was in the cab ride back to the hotels when the question about whether or not the tasting menu was the right choice surfaced. I kept my thoughts to myself. As I walked back to my room I reflected on the experience, and decided that given the choice I’d opt for the seven-course tasting menu again. It gave me some real insight into design and user experience. If you want those you serve to have a great user experience in your library, design thinking needs to happen on the front end. It was clear to me that the chef who thought up that meal had to be very intentional in the food selection and presentation. He or she clearly wanted to differentiate it from the regular menu items….

Those of us planning new libraries, whether the process is smooth and uninterupted or in fits and starts, like our Arizona Experience, need to keep the thinking at the front end, or ends!   Thanks, StevenB!     JDD


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