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a collaboration to create the 21st century academic health sciences library…

Colleagues who attended AAMC/AAHSL: I do apologize…

…that we were not able to find a time to meet! There were just too many meeting and session conflicts!  And many wonderful sessions! 

At odd moments, we found ourselves together: Dave Boilard, FIU, Joanne Mellenbach, The Commonwealth, Nadine Dexter, FCU, and more. I did see several of us on the run: Charlie, Gary, Laurie, Jerry and Carol, and more!  And the ROI workshop on Saturday, which was helpful , seated several of us at the same discussion table.

Deb Rand, wrote:

To all,

I was unable to attend the meeting in San Antonio.  Can someone provide an update of what was discussed in regard to new emerging libraries?

We are about to start our LCME application for the new Hofstra University School of Medicine – in partnership with North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (Nassau County, NY).  I am hoping to contact several of you for advice over the next few months.


So, to begin our discussions, please look at Julie’s questions and let her or the entire list know what interests you and what AAHSL can do for us!


And help Debra when she calls!


I did attend a fascinating session:



Growing Pains: Medical School Expansion: Labor and Delivery

This interactive session will focus on the impact of class expansion on teachers and learners from the perspective of schoolsexpanding existing class sizes, those developing new campuses, and new medical schools. Topics include resources, mentoring, effect on curriculum reform, and student/resident issues.






Suzanne Rose, M.D.
Speakers :
Deborah German, M.D.
John B. Molidor, Ph.D.
Laura Schweitzer, Ph.D.
Resident Response: Mark David Neuman, M.D.


An update from our campus: We just re-initiated the planning of our HSEB (Health Sciences Education Building) which will include the Library!  Despite our statewide budget reductions, we are continuing to plan. I promise to keep you all posted! Please do the same!  LCME wil be here next week!





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