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From the Texas Medical Center Digital Commons

The Library of the Future: a presentation

Leah Krevit–HAM-TMC Library

In the 2007 film Starting Out in the Evening, Leonard Schiller, an aging writer, whose novels are out-of-print and who is doggedly trying to finish writing his last book, is asked by a young graduate student: “Aren’t you afraid that, in 100 years, no one will be reading your books?” His answer: “My dear, I’m afraid that, in 100 years, no one will be reading at all.” This presentation will look at the role of libraries in the future, how they will continue to maintain the traditions of reading, scholarly publishing, and the preservation of knowledge, and how they will use technology to enhance research, education, and communication. Current issues will be noted and future trends will be identified. The library’s role as an agent for change will also be addressed.

Find entire presentation at: http://digitalcommons.library.tmc.edu/library_collpubs/1/

Many thanks to June Simms, Touro University Nevada for pointing out this presentation!


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